Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy Weather!

Where oh where has our good weather gone? We have had such a wet Spring so far...rain every weekend. Today was no different. In fact the wind and the hail took it to a new level!

I have been cooking fun new recipes for Henrik. I have such a beautiful kitchen, I can't help but be inspired to cook. I have finally satisfied my craving for Thai food and am now drawn to fun spices like Saffron and Tamarind. Who would have thunk it!! I love watching the Food Network and am finally brave enough to take items from my pantry and make things up. Henrik is so easy to please...he will eat anything I cook and he will tell me it is delicious. I'm not so sure he is is an objective judge!

I hope there is no rain tomorrow...I want to go for a short hike and then I have to come home and do my weekend cleaning.

I haven't seen Stella and her parents since last weekend! I miss them!